Would you like to be CMO of a game company?

If you love gaming and find the letters CMO intriguing, read on!

We are looking for missing pieces to our game developer teams built in cooperation with Metropolia Game Studio. As a CMO, your role involves game marketing, branding, business development, community management, distribution and sales channels, as well as customer relations. That’s right, the aim of the project is to publish a game in Steam, mobile store or other digital channel.

Top class sparring

You won’t have to manage on your own, as game teams are coached by an experienced team, including the Head of Metropolia Game Studio Juha Huhtakallio, Haaga-Helia’s Senior Lecturer of Marketing Johanna Mäkeläinen and Laurea’s Senior Lecturer of Leadership Annemari Kuhmonen.  

The game teams will meet at monthly events, where they are coached on game development, marketing and leadership. Each month the teams also get specific tasks to develop their skills further. Other meetings are up to the teams to decide.

May the best game win

You can either join a team that already has a game and help them with branding and marketing, or start from the beginning with a new team, where you can develop their brand from the beginning. The teams that have already developed games will compete at a regional event in April for a place at national finals held in Helsinki in May. The judges will be internationally known Finnish game industry superstars. If you want to join a new team, your timeframe is competing first at the regional event in spring 2019. The finals are held in Tampere around May 2019.

That’s not all folks

In addition to fortune, glory and networking, you will also get study credits. If you join a game team for spring term 2018, you will get 5 credits, and if you decide to take the longer route, you will get 10 credits. This is also a great subject area for your final thesis!

What are you waiting for?  

Say ’Yes please!’ and send a registration email to Johanna Mäkeläinen, johanna.makelainen@haaga-helia.fi. Ask anything, I’m happy to help. The first meetings are held in mid-February, so hurry up. Remember to include your name, student number, degree programme, acquired study points and a brief description of your relevant experience in gaming.

You only live once – except in gaming.