Work&Study for Entrepreneurs kick off on 29.01.2018

Work&Study is an educationalisation process where a skills required by the degree, are gained by working and by connecting practical work with a theme-related knowledge base. In addition to paid work also volunteering or hobby activity can be used. You can do both compulsory and elective studies through work-based learning, if your work tasks support your degree’s learning goals. Work&Study for Entrepreneurs is specially for students who wants to develop a business idea or an ongoing business.

This means that we plan together what kind of competences you get while working with your own business idea and combine those learnings together and make it as a study plan. This way you can learn while working so you don’t have to do those separately or go things through twice.

Work&Study for Entrepreneurs kick off is on 29th of January.
If you are interested in doing part of your studies by Work&Study, please contact and come to the kick off event.