Work & Study for Entrepreneurs (5-20 ECTS)


Are you developing your own business idea or managing your own company? And at the same time trying to get your studies forward?


It’s hard, isn’t it? We know.

That’s why we would like to help you to combine

your work & studies better.



Work & Study for Entrepreneurs is for students who want to develop their own business idea or ongoing business. In practice it means that you work and develop your own business, participate in Work & Study meetings and report your learning the way you have planned together with your Work & Study counselor. The plan and the combination of studies is always personal, so by Work & Study you can do larger entities or just 5 ECTS.


In general, Work & Study is a process where skills required by the degree are gained by working and connecting practical work with a theme-related knowledge base. In addition to paid work also volunteering or hobby activity can be used. You can do both compulsory and elective studies through work-based learning, if your work tasks support your degree programme’s learning goals.


If you are willing to try new way to study, send email to right away!


Implementation: Start any time on any campus

We have 4 options for you:

You can include the following parts in your Work & Study for Entrepreneurs studies: Project or voluntary work, StartUp School’s course offering, international MOOCs, or an entirely tailored plan. Whatever it is you want to accomplish, the process begins with a chat with our Work & Study counselor. We do recommend you explore the different possibilities and executions beforehand and make a plan of your needs before the meeting with the counselor.