Success Factory

Success Factory is an entrepreneurship program where like-minded students advance their business ideas, or improve their already established companies.

Idea of Success Factory is to offer personalized study program, network of like-minded students and support from StartUp School team.

In Success Factory you will
– develop your own business idea
– learn new skills and competences
– gain a network of like-minded students
– be a part of StartUp School Community
– get support from your personal coach and StartUp School team



All Success Factory participants will get the network of other students around them and have a vip access to all StartUp School courses and events.


The actual content of your Success Factory program is a tailored combination of the courses and events we offer.
Courses are the ones which are show on our courses site (the implementations for next semester are announced soon) but the events are going to be so much more. Together with HelsinkiES we are offering speaker events, hackathons, workshops and clinics for the next semester. Themes vary so there is definitely going to be something for everyone! Event schedules will be announced soon.
After you have done 15 credits in StartUp School you’ll get a Success Factory Certificate and of course recognition from StartUp School.

If you already have done some StartUp School courses, those will be part of your Success Factory -program. So for example if you have already done Developing Entrepreneurial Mindset -course (5 credits) you need to do only 10 credits to get the Success Factory certificate.



Fill your application here and apply now or latest on 3rd of July!
You need to have your own business idea or a company to participate.


If you have any questions, please contact