Welcome to WarmUps!

Warm Ups are events, where you can hear inspirational stories from real entrepreneurs. The speakers can be from small companies or big famous ones or young people that have just started or experienced CEOs. Main thing is that they have an inspirational story to tell. They will cover different topics and answer all of your questions. The Warm Ups are also great chance to network and build your entrepreneurial mindset.

The events are always open for everyone.
Haaga-Helia students can earn 3 credits if they register to the WarmUp Parade course and do additional assignments related to WarmUp events. Registeration for the course can be done at the event.

During this autum we are going to have four WarmUp events.
Tue 5.9 at 16-18.00: Finding Your Business Idea (Pasila)
Thu 5.10 at 14-16.00: Building Your Team (Porvoo & Haaga)
Wed 1.11 at 16-18.00: Ups and Downs of Entrepreneurship (Pasila)
Thu 23.11 at 16-18.00: Startup Events (Pasila)

Check more info from our Events calendar!

See you on WarmUps!