Welcome to StartUp School!

Welcome to Haaga-Helia and to StartUp School new students!
And welcome back all the rest!

Our mission is to encourage all the students in Haaga-Helia to find their passion and path to success in future working life.
That means that we are here to help you to develop yourself and your business idea.

Join us right away…

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Suitable offering for you depends on what situation you are in:


If you do not have a business idea but you are interested in developing yourself,

then check Find Your Strengths and Light Entrepreneurship on Courses page plus Ideation Workshop and Attitude Events on Events page.
If you need more general info on what StartUp School is and what we have to offer for you, come to our next info-session. The date for that you find from our events calendar.


If you have a business idea you want to develop further,

then check Developing Entrepreneurial Mindset, From Idea to Prototype, Action Workshops and Coaching from Courses page and Success clinics, Action Workshops and Attention Events on our Events page.
Check also Success Factory and Work & Study. These might also be something for you.



If you are already doing business or you have a more advanced business idea,

then check out Coaching, Action Workshops, Pitching Camp, Sales for Startups and Social Media for Startups from Courses page and Success Clinics, Action Workshops and Attitude Events from Events page.
Check also Success Factory and Work & Study. These might also be something for you.


In addition to these we help you combine entrepreneurship to your studies smoothly by using RPL and Work & Study.

So please, if you want to make sure that your path is taking you to success, join us.
If you have any questions, please contact us by emailing startupschool@haaga-helia.fi or by stepping into our Lounge in Pasila (1210).