Warm Up Parade: meet entrepreneurs and get credits!

Warmup_web_3x4Warm Ups are events, where you can hear inspirational and real life entrepreneurship stories. We invite entrepreneurs of all types: from small companies and big famous ones; young people that have just started and experienced CEOs; successful and inspiring. They will cover different topics and answer all your questions. The Warm Ups are also great chance to network.

The events are always open for everyone, but you can also get 3 credits from Warm Up Parade course (WOR8HH013).

Spring 2015 Warm Ups are from 4 to 6 pm at StartUp School lounge (1204) on the following days:

Tuesday 3 February: Finding Your Business Idea

Wednesday 11 March: Building Your Team

Tuesday 14 April: Ups and Downs of Entrepreneurship

Thursday 7 May: Growth and Internationalization

The names of the speakers will be posted in Facebook events. Follow us on facebook.com/HHStartUpSchool to learn more!