Want to develop your skills in digital marketing?

StartUp School organises a workshop with the title How to use digital marketing in 2018 with Lasse Rouhiainen who is a best-selling author, speaker and a trainer in this field.

This workshop is an awesome oppoturnity to get some tools to use digital marketing and get to know the lates trends in this area. Workshop is for Haaga-Helia students who do or who are going to do digital marketing. Here you will get practical tips to go further.

If you want to attend, enroll by sending email to startupschool@haaga-helia.fi.
In this email you should answer to these questions:

  1. Your name and student number
  2. What is your business idea?
  3. What is your biggest challenge with that business right now?
  4. What would you like to learn related to digital marketing trends?

Check Lasse’s own website here www.lasserouhiainen.com.

Btw. You will not get credits form this workshop but you will get new skills in digital marketing.