The Student, the Teacher and the Partner of the year has been awarded!

Yesterday we awarded StartUp School’s Student of the year, Teacher of the year and the Partner of the year. The Student of the year 2017 is Jaana Komscha-Härkönen, the Teacher of the year 2017 is Maria Haukka and the Partner of the year 2017 is Ilkka Malinen who is our Campus representative at Malmi campus.

Jaana Komscha-Härkönen has shown courage, determination and dedication both on her entrepreneurial and study path. She has managed to progress successfully in her studies at the same time with working on her idea and turning it into a successful business.
She has also actively participated in StartUp School activities and its development.


Maria Haukka has shown positivity, courage and dedication, as well as genuine interest in StartUp School operations. She managed to apply her teaching work and competences to developing StartUp School operations further and successfully combined her primary work with participating in StartUp School activities.


Ilkka Malinen has shown the true StartUp School spirit of positivity, courage, determination and cooperation. He has managed to bring his specialty and competences to develop StartUp School operations, including visibility and activities at Malmi campus.