Take your pick from our offering!

There’s a few things to consider when choosing something useful for you:

1) How committed are you?
2) How do you like to learn?
3) When do you have the time?
+ EXTRA: are you ready to outsource a project?

Check if your plans align with ours and take your pick from StartUp School Spring offering:


1) Trying entrepreneurial path without establishing a company.
2) The implementation is fully online. You will have one assigment each week for six weeks.
3) The implementation start on 27.1.2020.


1) You will get to know what you actually want to do in your life, and what are things you should focus on.
2) Five group coaching meetings.
3) This implementation will have four smaller groups starting each month during spring semester 2020.


1) A fresh idea needing validation and some clarification through Design Thinking.
2) Three intensive all-day workshops.
3) Intensive week: 24.-26.3.2020


1) You have an idea you’re ready to commit to, and you would like to see if it’s worth advancing.
2) Online course with two meetings; one in the beginning, and the final pitching. Weekly assignments online for seen weeks.
3) Two implementations in the spring, one in each period.


1) Learn practical skills to develop your business idea or ongoing business further.
2) Pick five of the most interesting workshops to attend and return your learning portfolio on Moodle.
3) You choose when to attend your chosen workshops (most of them take place on Wednesdays at 16-19:00). This implementation is ongoing – return your portfolio once you’re ready.

EXTRA: Outsource a project to a team of students

Are you working with a business case, and could use some help with a marketing plan, CRM strategy or finance/accounting related matters?

Then you have a chance to outsource a project to a team of skilled and motivated students at Haaga-Helia. As you know, there are not many chances for students to use their capabilities to solve real and current business issues. So, while you get quality work done by students doing their specialization studies, you get to be the one to give them a chance to prove their skills in a real and current case!
Easy-peasy and all free. Just send the project suggestion to the teacher responsible for the subject/course (more info below).

Marketing plan

Why: If you are launching a new product, or you want to raise brand awareness or you could use a digital marketing plan.
What: As a result of your project you will get a marketing plan to develop your operations.
How: Send a description of the needs of your business to Sinikka lieto preferably by 15.1.2020 (either in Finnish or English)

CRM – Customer relationship management

Why:  If you are struggling to stay up-to-date with your growing customer base, and as a result your sales and customer service are losing efficiency, you might need a CRM solution.
What: As a result of your project you get a CRM strategy and recommendations for the future that would fit your unique needs.
How: Send your business description and needs to Hannu Koikkalainen preferably by 15.1.2020.

Finance/accounting project

Why: If you need some help with finance/accounting related matters.
What: A student team will prepare a solution based on your needs by the end of the semester (May 2020):

  • ERP related projects or process improvements related to daily accounting or reporting
  • IFRS related projects
  • Optimize working capital
  • Profitability analysis
  • Pricing
  • Cost deep dive, finding saving opportunities
  • Cost Volume Profit & Break even point
  • Budgeting
  • Competitors analysis

How: Send your business description and needs to Juan Borra preferably by 21.1.2020 (either in Finnish or English)