Summer courses are almost full!

Part of StartUp Schools summer courses are already full.

Application to 10 days 100 challenges -course ends on friday but there are already so many students that teachers don’t even know how to asses them all.

Extremely popular Find Your Strenghts -course has three groups during the summer and they are all already full. Next groups will be organized in autumn.

The summer implementation of Developing Entrepreneurial Mindset -course is also full. The last place was filled yesterday. If you still want to do DEM-course during the summer sign up to online course (WOR8HH022-2) and do the assignments independently before 31st of July.

But if you still want to gain credits during the summer, enroll to From Idea to Prototype -course. That is a course where you learn how to develop a draft of an idea to a more feasible business idea. So just think what would be the idea you want to develop or practice idea developing and enroll to the course.
Implementation is during the intensive week in August. Check more info here!