StartUp School students and teacher of the year rewarded


StartUp School award ceremony for the teacher of the year and students of the year took place on Tuesday afternoon 9th of December.

StartUp School Program Manager Tommo Koivusalo rewarded senior teacher Outi Kangas-Korhonen from HAAGA-HELIA Vierumäki Campus as the StartUp School teacher of the year. Mr. Koivusalo praised Mrs. Kangas-Korhonen for her ability to cooperate, positive attitude, and for her genuine interest in StartUp School activities. The results of StartUp School operations have increased significantly in Vierumäki Campus.

Sami Suppola and Antti Kekäläinen from Porvoo Campus were chosen as the StartUp School students of the year. Last autumn they established their own company, Ansa Production Oy, that creates demonstration videos for companies. They have also been active in StartUp School activities. The pair’s coach has been senior teacher Marika Alhonen, who is also in charge of StartUp School in Porvoo Campus.

– Marika has supported us a lot from the very beginning, Kekäläinen says.

kakkupalaMrs. Kangas-Korhonen thinks that StartUp School first of all helps students to reflect on their own strengths and weak spots. Antti agrees saying that “during the last half a year in StartUp School he has grown more than in the last three years before”. Mr. Koivusalo and others emphasise that it is important to take the responsibility for one’s own life.

StartUp School has developed a lot, and more and more students join it every year. Mr. Koivusalo reminds that it is not necessary to be ready to establish your own company immediately, but StartUp School is open for everyone willing to learn and test their limits.

– The worst that can happen here is that you get study credits, says Kekäläinen. He and his partner originally came to StartUp School to get credits, not to found a company. Turned out the other way..


Photos and original text in Finnish by Elina Keckman