StartUp School Social Media Marketing and Blogging Workshop Series, apply by 30 January

StartUp School Social Media Marketing and Blogging Workshop Series are meant for students that already run a business or actively work on their business idea. Please note that presence at all workshops is compulsory for at least one student from your team.


Workshop 1: February 12, 2015: 10:00-14:00

Workshop 2: March 12, 2015: 10:00-14:00

Workshop 3: April 9, 2015: 10:00-14:00

Workshop 4: May 7, 2015: 10:00-14:00

Where: HAAGA-HELIA Pasila Campus, StartUp School Lounge (1204)

Credits: 5 (StartUp School Project)

Nbr of participants: 5 start-up teams

Registration deadline: 30.01.2015

This is an action-oriented workshop series focused on achieving results in social media and content marketing in order to start and leverage your start-up’s online presence. This hands-on workshop series provides insights and tools designed to inspire, guide and generate new ideas. During and after each workshop, each team will take concrete actions and create content for their current and future social media marketing and blogging strategies, campaigns and daily activities.

Learning objectives

This series of workshops will provide you with knowledge, tools and tips on:

  • How to create a strong online presence on social media and leverage social mediato increase brand awareness and maximize the reach and influence of your content
  • How to track and monitor your social media for a unique competitive advantage
  • How to implement a blogging strategythat helps attract prospectselevate your brand awareness and improve your sales
  • How to create creative content that is engaging and sharable
  • How to launch your blogwith the support of industry experts and how to create blogger outreach

Structure of the programme

January 2015: Application and selection of 5 SUS cases

February 2015: How to set up your Social Media Marketing strategy and action plan, identify your buyer personas and create content suitable for their needs

March 2015: Tools, tips and templates for each social media platform in your strategy and the anatomy of a perfect social media post, social media management tools (Hootsuite, Tailwind etc.)

April 2015: 5 W’s of blogging and how to blog how to create a blog post on WordPress, 10+1 ideas of blog types that work

May 2015: How to create creative and cost-effective content (podcast, webcasts, infographics, e-books etc.)

How to apply

Please apply filling the following form by 30.01.2015: Only 5 teams will be chosen for the workshops. When choosing the participants, special attention will be paid to the motivation part (Question 7). You will be informed of your participation by 04.02.2015.

The workshops are run by Chryssa Skodra

Chryssa Skodra is a Greek journalist, marketing and social media expert and media entrepreneur living and working in Finland for a decade. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Communication and Media, a Diploma in International Project Management and a Master of Music in Arts Management from Sibelius Academy. Chryssa started blogging in 2003. In 2006, she was the travel blogger on the City of Rovaniemi with her blog ‘The Expatriate’. In 2010, she started writing a fashion and lifestyle blog for FORUM Shopping Centre and became a brand ambassador for FUJITSU and GUESS Watches in Finland. Chryssa has been working for 6 years on TV and radio both in Finland and in Greece.

For 5 years, Chryssa teaches and coaches students at HAAGA-HELIA University of Applied Sciences. Her main areas of expertise are Marketing, Blogging, Social Media Marketing, Public Relations and Event Management. In addition, she is a project coordinator of a worldwide unique specialisation programme in Culture Export Management. Chryssa Skodra is a certified Entre-Coach and an Accredited Lecturer in Intercultural Management and Organizational Culture by The Hofstede Centre.

Chryssa is the owner of PR Lounge ( More information on