StartUp School is open in the summer

During the summer StartUp School offers following courses:

Developing Entrepreneurial Mindset, WOR8HH010, 3 cr.

During this course you will get to know yourself better. There are a couple of coach-driven conversations during this course, but most of the time you work independently completing tasks on Moodle. At the end of the course we will decide together how to proceed further.

Coaching 1 – Building Business Networks, WOR8HH006, 3 cr.

Coaching 2 – Taking Customer Contacts, WOR8HH007, 3 cr.

Coaching 3 – Starting Your Own Business, WOR8HH008, 3 cr.

Many of our students want to continue with coaching after the course Developing Entrepreneurial Mindset. Coaching is done individually with you or your team. The rhythm of the coaching is roughly such that you meet your coach once a month and between the meetings you do the tasks you have promised yourself to do. The coaching takes from three months up to over one year, depending on the case.

Coaching 4 – Supporting the Growth, WOR8HH015, 6 cr.

Coaching 4 is a tailor-made course meant for those students who have already done Coaching 1-3, or are already running their own business.

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