StartUp School companies meet media

Third of March was a busy day at StartUp School. Do you remember that article about StartUp School on Yle? This time, Finnish media representatives came to Haaga-Helia to meet our students’ companies – Stupid Stupid Games, Kitty’s Diner, and Paestum – and Tommo Koivusalo, SUS Program Manager. Journalists from Yle, Yle Radio, Kauppalehti, and their photographers listened to the startups’ stories and asked questions. What a day! See the photos “behind the scene”.


Representatives from Yle, Yle Radio, Kauppalehti, and our students listen to Tommo’s welcome



After the pitches, the Yle photographer took photos of the students. “Be natural, talk” – he was saying


Tommo’s turn to look “natural”. Unfortunately, he had to talk to himself 😉


Yle Radio taking interviews


Jussi Kyrönseppä talking about Stupid Stupid Games



Last effort – one more group picture. Jussi Kyrönseppä (Stupid Stupid Games), Michael Beresford (Kitty’s Diner), John Cozzi (Paestum), Sanna Langi (Kitty’s Diner), and Tommo Koivusalo


Feedback on the event. As the students said, it was a great lesson in many ways. One of the learnings came from today’s train “issue”, because of which Sanna was stuck inside the train, and was likely to miss the whole thing, so that Michael would have had to present Kitty’s Diner instead of her without preparations. Luckily, she made it in time!


Happy Jussi taking some of the remaining croissants to his Stupid Stupid Games team

Thanks to everyone participating, and making it happen! And here some of the professional photos :).