StartUp School at KasvuOpen

KasvuOpen Kiitorata 2 and the semifinal is taking place this Wednesday, May 10th at Techcode (Porkkalankatu 20 A, Helsinki). KasvuOpen is the largest project and competition in Finland for the companies that are eager to grow. In the semifinal 15 the most  potential companies in terms of growth will be selected by growth venture experts on a pro bono basis.

Haaga-Helia UAS is one of the partners of Helsinki metropolitan area KasvuOpen. In KasvuOpen semifinal it is representing the strategic alliance of the three Universities of Applied Sciences. Four StartUp School teachers participate in this event as Rinnallakulkija. Rinnallakulkija is an expert that keeps a close look at the company with the most growth potential, as well as makes notes and observations during the semifinal.

The four chosen teachers from StartUp School are: Taru-Lotta Gumse, Outi Kangas-Korhonen, Olli Laintila and Pertti Tilli. Also 8 staff members from Laurea and Metropolia UAS are going to participate as Rinnallakulkija. For Rinnallakulkija this experience is providing with a deeper understanding of challenges for companies that are eager to grow, innovative cooperation ideas, new startup clients and a road-map to develop services promoting entrepreneurship.