StartUp Hub! What is it?

Haaga-Helia and Helsinki Business College got donation worth of one million euros from Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce to support Yritystä uralle -project. The aim of the project is to boost entrepreneurial education and make sure that companies get professional employees.

As a part of this prpject Haaga-Helia and HBC are creating a StartUp Hub which is a community or a co-working space for students. Ideation of StartUp Hub was started 25th of October in a workshop with students form both schools. Based on that workshop, the first thing to do is to start developing a community around it. And entrepreneur societies form both school should be used as a base for that community. Haaga-Helia already has ES and Helsinki Business School students are now trying to build up their own too. The next step would be building up the physical co-working space if it seems that it is needed.

If you want to know more about StartUp Hub, stay tuned!
We will inform you here and on our Facebook-site about StartUp Hub’s is development.