Spring Boot Camp: “There was a positive atmosphere where every participant strived to help each other.”

WP_20150324_10_09_35_ProBootCamp is one of StartUp School’s events, where our future entrepreneurs can practice and develop their business pitch. It is a one day intensive work on the pitch with the help and support from our coaches. We usually pick a place outside of Haaga-Helia, and this time it was Huone Events Hotel. We had four StartUp School cases participating, and, for the first time, we had students from Estonian Business School with us. The idea of the event is simple: first you pitch, then you get feedback from the coaches and all the participants, then you work on improving your pitch, pitch again, get feedback again, improve a bit more, and do the final pitch. But what surprises every time, is how much such seemingly simple thing as three minutes presentation develops and changes during the day.


Writing down the expectations for this day

We want to thank everyone who participated in this BootCamp: first of all, our dear Evon, whose beautiful Events Hotel inspired our students; our coaches Taina Mikkola and Timo Lampikoski; students from Estonian Business School that gave great feedback and helped our students; and of course, our StartUp School students that worked hard, and used this opportunity to learn and develop.

And now you can read the feedback from our very active students that took part in BootCamp. Thank you, Gjergji and Enxhi from Phloopy’s Crêperie, for your active participation in StartUp School activities!


Enxhi and Gjergji from Phloopy’s Crêperie

“When we first thought to attend StartUp School program everything was pretty unclear. The only thing that both of us attracted was the fast that there everything is done just to support your business idea. The business idea that we had needed support and a lot of network, and that is why we choose to be part of StartUp School.

Now after all that has happened during this time everything is different. SUS is not here just to support your idea and develop it, but we found ourselves more than welcome to express ourselves, gain valuable experience, live in a real business life, and also understand deeply the entrepreneur potential that both of us have.


Breakfast at Huone Events Hotel

Everything changed after the Boot Camp at Huone Events Hotel 24th of March. The very first impression we got after arriving in Huone was a feeling of self-confidence, because Huone was a very modern, big and deluxe place to be in. At that moment we felt ourselves privileged taking part in this event. Taina (our SUS Coach) told us that Huone was created by an entrepreneur from Haaga-Helia like we were at the moment, and then after developing her business idea and opening the business, she managed to build that wonderful place for events. At that moment we both felt in a very different way. An amazed and inspiring way, we would say. A lot of things came into our mind. This is what an entrepreneur can do, this is what we can reach one day. We believed in ourselves because everything there was for real, we were living it.


Getting to know each other with the cards

The event started with the breakfast buffet and meeting and knowing the participants. It was a big pleasure to know other future colleagues at this event. Everyone was relaxed and it was clear that we all felt comfortable and we didn’t have any emotions of shame meeting each other. The atmosphere that was created from the beginning was kept until the end. There was a positive atmosphere where every participant strived to help the other with what he or she could.


Improving the pitch

All the participants had one goal at this event: “To improve our business pitch”. The most important thing when you open a business is the way you present it to others. For this reason this event was more than a casual one. Everything done at this event was not only for developing the pitch and the business, but it also was a great fun and network place.


Coaching in progress 🙂

Personally I would say that the culminating moment was when Estonian students came to join this wonderful event. We had the opportunity to share experiences with external people that didn’t know anything about our business ideas and us in general. This was a big opportunity to pitch in front of people, who had business background and who didn’t know anything about us.


Students from EBS helping entrepreneurs from Haaga-Helia to improve the pitch

To sum up we would like to say that after this event a lot has changed not only in our business but also in our lives. We are more confident now that even a simple entrepreneur can reach big things in life. Thanks to StartUp School that gives us the opportunity to take part in these amazing events.

This is why we always tell to join Start Up School, because here you can find the environment for your business idea to grow up and also for you to grow a business idea if you don’t have one yet.”

Text by Gjergji, photos by Anna