Rinneseikkailut Oy provides adventurous rappelling and pendulum jumps in Helsinki area

In Mayday 2016 two young man made their loved hobby rappelling to become a job when they started a company called Rinneseikkailut Oy. Joona Kamu, the CEO of Rinneseikkailut hopes that more and more people would start to do rappelling as their hobby.

A young man sits relaxed next to a window on eighth floor. Joona Kamu tells he really enjoys this view where you can only see rooftops down there. After meeting Kamu here it really makes sense that this 20-years-old guy is a CEO of a company offering people a chance to get some thrilling experiences in high places such as rappelling and pendulum jumps.

Rappelling means descending down a rock or a high building using rope and other relevant equipment. According to Kamu his company adjusts a descending technic that is also used in army. At the moment rappelling is done in natural rocks but in the future high buildings for example hotels could be used as well. Pendulum jumping for its part is kind of a bungee jump with a different kind of rope. Instead of having a rope that stretches this rope does some big swinging pendulum motion.

Rinneseikkailut Oy was founded on Mayday 2016. The story began when Kamu went to a fair called Erämessut and met a guy who represented some adventure and hiking companies functioning in Repovesi national park area. It soon became clear that there really was demand for rappelling company there.

–   He asked me if I would like to bring my company to Repovesi and be a contractor. I told him I don’t have a company to which he answered: “Well build one!” and I said: “Okay!”

Kamu started his studies in Haaga-Helia in January 2016. In the first orientation week, he rushed to StartUp School and told that he has an idea. At the beginning Kamu was expected to perform a course of Developing an Entrepreneurial Mindset. Since Kamu was pretty excited with his business idea, he did the course overnight.

After that StartUp School helped Kamu and his business partner Verneri Närhi to get their company started. One important learning was to write down the plans, says Kamu. StartUp School also advised with many classic questions such as what to do first and what to do next. Nowadays Kamu still goes to coaching and finds it very helpful.

During first month Rinneseikkailut have had few groups as clients. The very first group was a class of highschoolers who went rappelling nearby their school. The second group tested pendulum jumping at Myllykoski Bridge. It has been difficult to believe that nowadays repelling is more than just a hobby:

– Couple of hours after these events we realized that this was actually a work assignment even though it felt like we were doing it with our friends! We were like wait a second, this is our job now!” laughs Kamu.

Company’s mission is to get people start rappelling as a hobby and get some more media coverage for this sport that in Finland is barely known. Kamu and Närhi find it important to keep their prices reasonable so that for example students could actually do rappelling and pendulum jumping as their hobbies. Kamu adds that they also want to provide additional services such as photographs and videos to make the experience even more memorable.

In the future Kamu plans for Rinneseikkailut to become the biggest rappelling company in Finland. Later on company is also about to expand.

– In five years we have probably expanded to other activities. We might start let’s say climbing and guided trips to the nature. During this summer we are already planning to organize couple of camps for one or two nights for example in Repovesi, Kamu plans.


Text and photos: Noora Karppinen