Real cases for specialization courses

There are not many chances for students to use their capabilities to solve real issues. StartUp School Case Owner (2 ECTS) is here to solve that!

Different types of services for clients/Case Owners where a real case is always needed:

– budgeting / financial templates
– market / marketing research
– marketing communication plan
– organizing an event
– clarifying mission, vission and strategy

This is a win-win situation, as the Case Owner gets solutions for the presented problem, and the students in courses get a chance to prove themselves on a real case. StartUp School will help in the match-making.

Process for potential Case Owner: contact us ( with a case. We will suggest contact persons for that type of a service. It is up to you to keep the schedules and present your case, as well as hear the solutions and reap the benefits. If you also want the credits, there is a post-assignment. Easy-peasy and all free.

Process for potential partner teacher: contact us ( with your implementation ID and the potential outcome/service. Let us know the date by which you need to know all the cases on your course, and the date when the Case Owner would present their case in class. The Case Owner will also be interested in the date of the presentations!

In case a company is ready to pay for this kind of a service, there is a possibility to contact Helsinkies for a Case Competition. Check out an example of their first case here!