Project (5 cr)

If you are going to work with an entrepreneurial project, you can turn it into credits with this course.


Implementation: Start any time on any campus. You can gain 5 credits accordingly: 5 ECTS (135 hours of work). You advance your project at your own pace.


This option is also a good way to gain credits for entrepreneurial volunteer work (Slush, Arctic15, etc.). Also, working as a board member in an entrepreneurial context, such as Xes board membership, can be turned into study credits.


Enrollment: email and we will open the Moodle page for you with instructions to complete the course.


Content: The course starts after the first assignment (project plan) has been approved by the teacher. During your project you will provide your project material. To finalize the project you will draft a project report according to the instructions on Moodle. Assessment is largely based on self reflection and the course can be done fully online.


Course description

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