Project 1-2

Project 1-2 (3-5 cr)

If you are going to work with an entrepreneurial project, you can turn it into credits with this course.


Implementation: Start any time on any campus. Depending on the extent of your project, you can gain 3-5 credits accordingly: 3 ECTS (81 h of work) or 5 ECTS (135 hours of work). You advance your project at your own pace.


This course is also a good way to gain credits for entrepreneurial volunteer work (3 cr: Slush, Arctic15, etc.) or project management work you have done for your company in the past.


Enrollment: email and we will open the Moodle page for you with instructions to complete the course.


Content: The first assignment (project plan) will determine the extent of your project (3-5 cr). During your project you will provide your project material. To finalize the project you will draft a project report according to the instructions on Moodle.


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