Pitching Evening organized by StartUp School and Elisa

Haaga-Helia StartUp School and Elisa organized a pitching evening on 23 January 2018 creating an opportunity for startup entrepreneurs, students, mentors and accomplished entrepreneurs to interact in the impressive facilities of Elisa HQ. The startups did the pitching and the audience had a glimpse of the entrepreneurial mindset of StartUp School students.

There was an eager buzz in the lobby, where participants of the event enjoyed their last sips of coffee before the opening words. The event itself started above the rooftops of Pasila at 5 pm. StartUp School had an introduction to the variety of their offerings to the students, and Elisa shared their insights into collaboration options with startups.

Pitching – presenting your business idea in minutes

During their StartUp Schools studies, the seven startups had been training for their 3-5 minute pitches to the jury. As the startups were in different phases, they also clarified whether they were looking for feedback to improve their business idea, networks or financing. The jury then gave both oral and written feedback on the pitched idea and the way it was presented.

The startups represented a variety of fields. Teachernal provided new ways to approach education. Helpostiluontoon.fi is an application, which provides information on recreational nature spots with easy access. Lunchie flirts with circular economy and offers a way to degrease a food waste. Other pitchers included Team Riosa Training, 5 star advertising, Heart of Christmas, and Glopas.

Collaboration between startups and corporations – future way of working?

Hannele Mennala, Head of StartUp School at Haaga-Helia with a background in both corporations and startup world, says that it is beneficial for both startups and corporations to work together.

“This kind of event provides an enormous learning opportunity for both startups and corporations.” Mennala concludes that it is important to ensure a win-win opportunity in this kind of events.

Collaboration with surrounding business ecosystem is important for StartUp School.

“Startup school is constantly looking for like-minded partners, all the while deepening the relationships with our existing partners”, says StartUp School’s Collaboration Manager Timo-Pekka Uotila.

Evolving from a study mindset

StartUp School’s Service Design Lead Päivi Williams and Timo-Pekka Uotila, who co-organized the event with Elisa, were pleased after the event.

“I think this event was beneficial for us all. It is great to see how students in the StartUp School take ownership of their business ideas and switch their study mindset to entrepreneurial mindset.” Päivi Williams says.

Timo-Pekka concludes: “We are really happy with this event. In the StartUp School, we want to improve constantly. I am eager to see what we will come up with next.”