Pitching camp helps to crystallize your idea

Ideas are important. To transform these ideas into action, you need to convince other people that your ideas are worth putting effort to. Sometimes this can be a hard task.

Do not worry – pitching camp comes to rescue!

A pitch means a three to five minute presentation about your business idea, the problem you are about to solve, your solution, potential customers and your team, among other things.

During the two-day workshop, you will learn how to pitch your idea to the audience – be they mentors, experts, or investors. You will collaborate with your fellow students to learn how to improve your business idea and how to present it convincingly.

StartUp School organizes frequently pitching evening events with our corporate partners. Pitching camp gives a good foundation to these events!

If you need hands-on intensive boost to your idea, pitching camp is right place for you!

Enroll now on MyNet with the course code WOR8HH023!

Pitching Camp implementation:
Part 1: 31.10. at 12:15-16:00 (Pasila 3008)
Part 2: 7.11. at 12:15-16:00 (Pasila 3008)
You need to join both to complete Pitching Camp!