Outsource your case to a trained team?

Are you a StartUp School student or alumni, and could use some help with market research, marketing plan, supply chain management or human resource management?

Then you have a chance to outsource a project to a team of skilled and motivated students at Haaga-Helia. As you know, there are not many chances for students to use their capabilities to solve real issues. As a StartUp School Case Owner (2 ECTS) you are the one to offer one, and gain experience in project management as well as a team who works for you! Easy-peasy and all free.

Send your case to the teacher responsible by following these four steps:

  1. Realize you have a case to outsource.
  2. Download and fill in the PowerPoint slide in either Finnish or English (download)
  3. Send your slide to the teacher responsible:
  4. If you want the Case Owner (2 ECTS) study credits, remember to Cc startupschool@haaga-helia.fi on the email!


This is a “first come, first served” opportunity so be fast! Send your case as soon as possible but latest on 10 January 2019.