Story of Haaga-Helia StartUp School

It’s year 1909. A couple of successful businessmen – candy mogul Karl Fazer and owner of department store Karl Stockmann – choose to bet on education. They decide to support the founding a business school in Helsinki in order to develop modern business life in the city. These visionaries hit unusually right with their instinct to invest in education.


Hundred years later Finland is world famous for quality of education, and Helsinki has become a lively startup hub, a birthplace to international phenomena such as Slush and Arctic15. What was initially a young business school, has transformed into Haaga-Helia, one of the largest and most respected universities of applied sciences in Europe.


Haaga-Helia has always have and always will strong focus on entrepreneurship and educational needs of business life. And there as a beating heart is StartUp School – leaning proudly on the legacy inherited from early businessmen. An entrepreneur supporting an entrepreneur and utilizing world-renowned pedagogical knowledge and the latest research.

Do You Want to Be a Part of This Story?


Everyone needs entrepreneurial competences in current working life. Entrepreneurship and self-employment merge with paid labor rapidly. More and more of people already employed somewhere seek out to study at StartUp School in order to develop their own competences or company to serve the needs of the future.


StartUp School students gather study credits while advancing their business. Studying is an integral part of a successful career, so join us today and prepare yourself for future challenges and modern entrepreneurship!


Co-creating future-proof entrepreneurship through hands-on experience, modern pedagogy and the latest research.

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