Next Level raises 80 000 € to make bodyweight training popular

Elonhakkuu Oy, that was founded with the kind help of Haaga-Helia Startup School, is working on Next Level, a training app targeting international markets. It’s not just another workout app.

“The central idea of our training app is to pursue physical skills. Next Level trains users to perform incredible bodyweight moves. Anyone can do it with time and right instruction,” says Aaro Helander, company CMO and Finnish Street Workout Champion.

“We decided to face the fact that even those who exercise actively lack motivation now and then. Most people don’t feel like going somewhere to work out, especially with the weather as it is. When users focus on learning a new skill, they get in better shape as a byproduct of epic physical mastery. Our app motivates trainers through learning experiences.”

100 new users daily – and no marketing

The app is intended for the global market. At present, 90 % of users are outside Finland. It was around two weeks ago that downloads started pouring in, and surprisingly without any marketing. Right now, some 100 people download the app daily.

“We could sit on our laurels and do nothing, and we’d continue to get new users. We can take a break from marketing and focus on adding new training content and improving the user experience,” says Helander.

Improving user experience

Working toward a better user experience is made easier by the fact that Elonhakkuu Oy has scored 80 000 € in funding from Sontek Oy, business angel Tuomas Maisala and national innovation funding agency Tekes.

“Getting to a product ready for funding, however, would have been difficult without the help of Haaga-Helia Startup School and a grant from the team’s hometown agency, Kouvola Innovation,” says Tom Himanen, company CEO.

“Of course we have faith in Next Level, you have to believe in it to leave your day job. My faith in this has certainly gone up a level with people betting 80 grand in our favor. Now we dig in, and soon enough we’ll have to start putting together the next round of funding,”

Himanen encourages to download Next Level app and to give feedback. Next Level is available for download on iOS and Android. More information and direct links to download are available on the Next Level website.

“We can’t read users’ minds, no matter how we try and read usage statistics. You can leave feedback right in the app, whether in English or Finnish,” encourages Himanen.