New course: Workshops for Action

We proudly present our brand new Workshops for Action -course. This course gives you practical skills and knowledge to develop your business idea or ongoing business further.

The idea of this course is that all our students can find a content that is tailored just for them. In this course you choose yourself what kind of skills and knowledge you need at the moment to get your business further.

In practice this means that you find five workshops that you would like to participate. These workshops can be organised by StartUp School, Haaga-Helia or by some external organisation. The key thing is that the workshops you choose, helps you to develop your business idea further.

After you have done five workshops you need to make a portfolio kind of report where you reflect on what you have learned and how have you managed to take the learnings to reality with your own business idea.

You can find the StartUp Schools workshop-offering and also some external workshops on our events-page. We update new workshops to the page all the time.
Notice! You can also participate the workshops without doing the course. Then you just don’t enroll to the course and don’t do the report.
The workshops we offer are open for all Haaga-Helia students but in most of them you should have your own business idea to work with. (If you do not have your own business idea yet, start with the Ideation workshop on 25.9! More info on events-page.)


Are you interested?
Check the workshop offering from our events-page and enroll to the course in MyNet.
The course code is WOR8HH039-3001.