Looking for a business idea?

Are you looking for a business idea but don’t know where to find one?
We can help you with this!

On 25.9 we are going to be creative and find business ideas together in StartUp School Ideation Workshop.
In this workshop you are going to learn tools on how to ideate new business ideas. During this workshop we will ideate and innovate and use each others help to generate more ideas.
These ideation processes can also be used to develop and expand your existing business idea.

If you want to find yourself a business idea, this is a workshop for you. There is no pressure, you do not need to come up with any idea during the workshop and even if you find some ideas you do not need to do anything with those.
The main point is that you open your eyes for new opportunities and learn some practical tools on ideation.

Time: 25.9.2018 at 16-19.00
Location: Pasila, room 1206
Teacher: Elina Iloranta

Sign in to the workshop by filling this form and be there on time.
Get ready, soon you might have an idea or even plenty of ideas!

More info about this Ideation workshop in our events-page and about the course in here and in course description.