Krista Manninen: Being entrepreneur is constant learning

We have recently collaborated with Haaga-Helia students of Journalism, and they have written several stories about StartUp School students. Here’s the first one about Krista Manninen, one of the founders of TripAhead. Thanks, Karoliina!

Being entrepreneur is constant learning

KristaKrista Manninen, one of the founders of the holiday booking service TripAhead, finds it challenging to own a business. However, she is dreaming of full-time entrepreneurship since she knows it also is rewarding.

A business engaged in travelling is a natural choice for Krista Manninen, a 30-year-old student of tourism management. She loves to spend time abroad.

Manninen is one of the three founders of TripAhead, a service for planning and booking holidays.
Because three Manninens make more than one, Krista Manninen is working with her husband Antti and his brother Kalle. Even though the work undoubtedly keeps coming to home, she sees that working with relatives is a positive thing.

”You can be really honest with them.”

The idea of TripAhead was born in 2012 when Manninen was planning a Christmas holiday with her husband. They found it difficult to complete the itinerary since they had to make several different searches and bookings. Manninens felt that the independent travellers were in need of some help so they started to research the markets. As a result, TripAhead was founded in the summer of 2013.

In TripAhead the distribution of work is clear. Kalle and Antti are working behind the scenes in the software and programming while Krista is responsible for the marketing and the contents of the website. None of the three have studied business, but Manninen thinks that it is not necessary as they feel confident of what they are doing. They know the basics about business economy, and should there occur a problem they can always have some consultancy.

According to Manninen, being an entrepreneur is constant learning. You have to, for example, continuously develop the ways to promote your business. Manninen thinks that the best thing in being an entrepreneur is, however, freedom. You work for yourself.

“If you get ideas you can try to implement them in your business right away”, Manninen says.

Nevertheless, she reminds that at the same time you are the one who has to take the risks. That’s why she encourages everyone to discuss his or her business ideas with people. She talked about TripAhead with no others than her teammates before the founding, and later she got some really good advice from outside.

“You don’t have to go the hard way”, Manninen reminds.

TripAhead was already established when Manninen heard about the StartUp School from her school mates. She found out that the StartUp School was one of the best places to share thoughts on developing the business idea. Also, Manninen got priceless help with social media marketing and pitching there.
Manninen tells that she used to be the person who “wants it all rigth away”. The business has, however, made her more patient. Since Manninen is still studying she is not able to focus on the work in TripAhead as much as she would want. Thus, her next dream is to graduate and give all her personal resources for the business.


− A service that helps you to choose your travel destinations, flights and hotels by only one search
− Website launched in September 2014

Written by Karoliina Toivakka