Julia Reinhard

Julia will graduate from Haaga-Helia in December 2020 with a Bachelor of Business Administration. Her specialization is in marketing.


In January of 2020 Julia was elected Vice-president of Xes and currently she balances her administrative, community outreach, and representative tasks for Xes with a job as a marketing automation consultant at a Helsinki CRM consultancy. She also represents Xes on the steering board for the 3AMK ES project.


Originally from New York City, Julia has a multi-faceted background and has worked in the speciality coffee, healthcare, hospitality, IT and fashion industries. She has also owned her own light-entrepreneurship business in NYC providing hair styling services to fashion brands and VIPs. She is versatile and equally at home in many work environments from the back of an ambulance to a fast-growing startup to a fashion runway. Julia likes to think her diverse experiences have helped her understand people and their motivations better and prepared her to think on her feet.


Julia is interested in geopolitics, politics, current events, social justice, sustainability, gastronomy and arts and culture. She likes to think of herself as having a humanitarian heart and a passion for sticking up for the little guy and doing what is right. One common thread that has followed Julia throughout her working life is a desire to connect with and serve others and she hopes to pursue this in her future work as well.


Connect with Julia: https://www.linkedin.com/in/julia-reinhard-2b033246/