How to Build a StartUp School

StartUp School offers an innovative concept that promotes entrepreneurship education, introduces new ways of learning, and enhances entrepreneurial culture within the organization. StartUp School not only encourages students to find their passion and path to success but also strives to be a learning community where all its stakeholders benefit from the empirical atmosphere. Whether you are a student, teacher, entrepreneur, investor, researcher or partner the objective is to create value for everyone, and for the greater good.


StartUp School model consists of the following elements:

1. Operational Environment
  • University
  • Physical Space (class rooms)
  • Digital Learning Platforms
2. Methods
  • Lean startup
  • Entre-coaching
  • Work & Study for Entrepreuers
3. Human Resources
  • StartUp School core team
  • Teacher Network
  • Student Community
4. Ecosystem collaboration
  • Local Business Advisory Services
  • Early Stage Investors
  • Corporate Sector
  • International University Network (Research)