Helsinkies case competition winners announced

The 500e prize for best market validation plan went to Eashin Matubber and Ville Vänni from Haaga-Helia. The HILDA case competition, held last weekend, was one of the first events by newly established Helsinki Entrepreneurship Society.

The competition was juried by two seasoned serial entrepreneurs: Hupparihörhö and co-founder Sami Kuusela, and Startup Sauna coach and Pieni piiri co-founder Matti Kari.

“The competition was very even, but today we selected the plan that was most realistic and easiest to implement”, Sami Kuusela explains. The winning plan relied on driving traffic with a Facebook campaign and using a multitude of conversion goals on a landing page – essentially using a commercial channel for market validation.

The case product HILDA is a tablet application that combines music, images and its users memories. Senior tablet users can take a tailored musical journey to the days of their youth. The competing teams were tasked with delivering a market validation plan for HILDA, and take in account some very strict resource limitations.

“I have to say I was impressed with the overall quality”, says Matti Kari. “While coaching, I see a lot of startups with top notch products and technology, but little focus to market and customers. Any of the teams would be a great addition to these startups.”

The HILDA case competition was organized in co-operation with Helsinki Entrepreneurship Society and Haaga-Helia StartUp School, and supported by Helsinki region chamber of commerce. Helsinki Entrepreneurship Society is a non profit student-led community of Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences & Helsinki Business College.