Developing Entrepreneurial Mindset (5 cr)

Developing Entrepreneurial Mindset is perfect when you have an idea, and you would like to see if it’s worth advancing. During the course you will also think about yourself as an entrepreneur.


This course is an online course with two meetings; one in the beginning, and the final pitching.


Implementation: Two implementations during Spring 2020
Teacher: Petteri Tiljander


3rd period: WOR8HH022-3007
Meetings in Pasila


  • Tue 21.1. at 16-18 (in room 2201) and
  • Tue 17.3. at 16-18 (at Xes corner, next to room 1001)


4th period: WOR8HH022-3008 fully online

Schedule:  23.3.-19.5.2020


Summer implementation: WOR8HH022-3010 fully online

Schedule: 25.5.-31.7.2020


Enrollment: on MyNet


Course description

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