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At StartUp School we believe in combining your passion and strengths for better results at everything. See our courses to gain empowering experiences:

Find Your Strengths this fall:

Our most recommended course is organized on three campuses (Haaga, Pasila and Porvoo) this fall!

Haaga meetings:
1.10. klo 13.30-16
8.10. klo 13.30-16
22.10. klo 13.30-16
29.10. klo 13.30-16
5.11. klo 13.30-16

Enrollment on MyNet: WOR8HH032-3001 StartUp School Find Your Strengths (5 credits)

Pasila and Porvoo meeting days on our courses page.
Course description


Social Media for Startups workshops

Coach: Johanna Mäkeläinen, Copywriter & Senior Lecturer in Marketing and Corporate Communication at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences

Course description:

Effective digital channels are a must for any successful business. Marketing, sales and customer service are all becoming more and more digitalized. Digital channels also evolve faster than any other media making them tricky to grasp. Especially when you’re a startup without a dedicated army of community managers. So let’s figure out together how we can get the best of Web 2.0 without breaking our backs (or the bank). This course is suitable for those who already have a business idea and those who are just curious about digital media use in small business. So welcome all!

  • Learn the latest digital and social media trends for startups
  • Get acquainted with the tools and methods of the trade
  • Create content marketing for different digital channels
  • Share ideas and best practices with other likeminded students

“I took the Social Media for StartUps workshop last Autumn. We learned about the most popular social media channels and how to strategically use them together to maximize effect. I am already profiting from all the tools and knowledge by using them in my business. The teacher is very knowledgeable and the participants shared valuable information. I definitely recommend it!”
Marisol Pulido, Haaga-Helia student and coffee start up manager

Timetable and themes:

Tuesday 23.10. 16-19: Introduction to digital media: Digital trends and signals, digital media field, choosing right digital channels, digital strategy
Tuesday 6.11. 16-19: Own channels: website, SEO, blogs, social media, digital customer service, content marketing
Tuesday 20.11. 16-19: Paid channels: Google Adwords, social media advertising, display ads, sponsored content
Tuesday 4.12. 16-19: Earned channels: social media shares, discussion boards, influencer marketing, reviews and recommendations, content curation

Enrollment on MyNet: WOR8HH017-3001 StartUp School Social Media for Startups (3 credits)


Sales for Startups starting in November

Gain practical skills on how succeed in sales. A must for all entrepreneurs!

Lectures on Thursday evenings at Pasila campus:
8.11 at 16-19.00
15.11 at 16-19.00
22.11 at 16-19.00
29.11 at 16-19.00
4.12 at 16-19.00

Enrollment on MyNet: WO8HH019-3001 Sales for Startups (3 credits)
Course description