Assistant internship is about multitasking and social skills

StartUp School assistant intern Stephanie Mazor enjoys the creative side of the job. She gives 200 percent for her job.

Parisian Stephanie Mazor thinks the best thing in her internship is to use her creativity. StartUp School assistant intern is responsible for marketing material for social media and events. Along with the creative side, the job is multitasking. Mazor takes care of communication channels from social media to web site newsletter and communicates internal and with StartUp School´s partners. She also organizes events and takes care of secretarial duties such as scheduling. And don´t forget that she promotes StartUp School´s services, talks with students and participates in projects and takes part in developing StartUp School.

“It´s heavy but rewarding and challenging”, Mazor describes her job.

Mazor started her third year in the Multilingual Management Assistants degree program this fall. Working for StartUp School is a compulsory internship in her degree.

Stephanie StartUp School
“I heard about StartUp School when they came to the classroom to advertise that they are looking for the next intern. I read the job description and I right away thought that it fit me quite well”, Mazor tells.

Most interesting for her this far has been dealing with face to face feedback. Mazor thinks that people find it hard to take any criticism. Working in feedback sessions has taught her similar empathy as the four-person StartUp School core team has. She thinks that the team knows how to deal with people as individuals not as just clients.

“I think the team is pretty great because they are really down-to-earth people and they are putting themselves on the level that they are very approachable to students” she says.

Mazor sings and plays violin in a band called Soulglass, which plays symphonic death metal. Creativity is important for her in daily basis as in work. In future she hopes working with marketing and organizing events.

“I´m just hoping that my job would be flexible enough that I can work, but at the same time still have gigs and travel every once in a while.”

Text and photos: Laura Kanerva