Apply by 19 December to Invesdor Student Ambassador Programme

invesdor_web_500When:  Workshop 1 on 29.01.2014, 3-6 pm, Workshop 2 on 12.02.2014, 3-6 pm

Where:  HAAGA-HELIA Pasila Campus, StartUp School Lounge (1204)

For Whom:  Students (with or without a business idea) who are interested in crowdfunding, finance and startups

Credits:  3 (StartUp School Project)

Nbr of participants:  Maximum 20

Registration deadline:  19.12.2014

The crowdfunding industry has emerged in the alternative finance segment in the recent years and it now accounts for more than 5 billion USD worldwide. A better understanding of the industry allows students to gain relevant finance and startup experience and contextualize world wide trends impacting the financial sector.

At the end of the programme students will gain a general understanding of the industry and of the basic principles of entrepreneurial finance that apply in it.

Structure of the programme:

Two workshops will be structured as follow

First workshop:

• Overview of the crowdfunding industry and its evolution
• Overview of entrepreneurial finance and business planning topic
• Focus on Invesdor and the equity crowdfunding process
• Planning of the business planning exercise of the students

Second workshop:

• Evaluation of the crowdfunding pitch and marketing work
• Presentation of each team to the judges
• Discussions, comments and evaluation

After the first workshop students will start working on their business idea on Invesdor platform and create a pitch. Once the pitch will be refined, the teams will market it through social channels as a regular crowdfunding pitch.

The winner of the Invesdor Student Ambassador Programme will be assessed 50 % based on the judges votes and 50 % based on the visibility gained in marketing the pitch. Judges for the pitching come from Invesdor, HAAGA-HELIA StartUp School and HAAGA-HELIA StartUp School investor and mentor network.

The winner will get 500 euros for building a campaign video and discounted listing fee for Invesdor service.

All participants will get 3 cr after completing the assignments.

Please apply by 19.12.2014 by sending to

• your name and student ID or if you participate as a team, names and student IDs of your team members
• short description of your business idea if you have one (Please note! You can also participate without an idea)