Anastasia Kontinen 

In summer 2019, Anastasia graduated from Haaga-Helia University of Applied Science in Helsinki with Bachelor of Business Administration (Degree in Business Information Technology). Her specialization was in Digital Services. 


In the beginning of 2020 Anastasia became a marketing manager of Xes Helsinki. In September of the same year, she took a role of a Head of Design and Marketing. 


Anastasia had a chance to start her light entrepreneurship experience as a professional photographer during summer of 2018. Currently she is working on it part-time.


When Anastasia was in the middle school, she graduated from Children Art School in Podolsk, Russia. It was a four year program and she got an Honors Degree Diploma. 


In 2017, Anastasia did a non-degree program called “Full Time Filmmaker” of the Parker Walbeck Film School. This program taught her everything you need to know to make short films.


Anastasia is a photographer, a filmmaker, an artist, a user experience designer, a user interface designer and a marketing manager.  


Although she has a large range of different specializations, they are all linked by one quality – sense of creativity. They all require visual skills and artistic approach. 


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