Alumni entrepreneurs’ gathering!

An increasing number of Haaga-Helia’s over 34 000 alumni are entrepreneurs. One of our alumni, Jaana Komscha-Härkönen, found herself missing a network of other entrepreneurs who graduated from Haaga-Helia. In an effort to vitalize the network Elina Iloranta, Development Coordinator at StartUp School, and Eva Loippo-Sännälä, Relationship Manager of alumni services at Haaga-Helia, invited people for breakfast on May 31 at Pasila campus.

The objective was to get many of those who work alone to share experiences and connect. Events like this will also be organized in the future and a LinkedIn group was founded to keep in touch on a professional level. The group is a safe place for alumni entrepreneurs to discuss anything that comes to mind. If you find yourself close to graduation, or close to becoming an entrepreneur, you can also request to join the group here!