Alîce by Alisa Timofeeva is a new luxury fashion brand

Alîce by Alisa Timofeeva is a startup fashion brand for women. It provides timeless eveningwear with unique quality. The brand is operated by its leader, the creative director and self-taught fashion designer from Russia, Alisa Timofeeva.


Alisa Timofeeva wants to provide dresses with fine fabrics and perfect quality to the last detail. The dresses are luxurious, elegant and feminine. Timofeeva plans to introduce her style in the Finnish market. Her main goal is to establish her brand here. The long-term ambition for the brand is to become the leading luxury fashion brand and to offer different product classifications such as accessories, shoes and fragrance and bridal products.

As a creative director Timofeeva also takes part in the designing process. The business idea of Alîce by Alisa Timofeeva is to sell ready-to-wear dresses throughout different channels. Timofeeva has plans for a showroom, distributed stores and an online store on the brands website.

Catwalk is a part of the marketing strategy for Alîce by Alisa Timofeeva. The fashion shows in Helsinki, Moscow, Denmark, London and Stockholm seem tempting. Timofeeva wants to participate in Helsinki Fashion Week and Finnish fashion shows. At the moment she is looking for investors for the brand.

Fashion is both passion and business

Alisa Timofeeva has had a passion for fashion since her childhood. She has made dresses for her friends, a couple of collections and provided her dresses for the participators in a beauty contest. Her dresses gained popularity in her previous hometown in north-western Russia.

– People who by my dresses like their design and the dresses, she says.

In 2012 Timofeeva graduated from a Russian university with a specialist degree in economics which is equal to the Finnish Master´s degree. She studied finance and banking. The next year she started her studies at Haaga-Helia. She studies hospitality, wellness and experience management and finds the degree programme interesting and useful.

Good business advice at the StartUp School

Alisa Timofeeva has been involved in the StartUp School since last October. The reason she decided to participate was that she wanted to learn business planning. She also wants to develop her entrepreneurial skills and her business plan. At the moment she finds the development of her business idea within the StartUp School as the most important thing.

Timofeeva speaks well of the StartUp School which helps her to find investors and links. It also helps her to develop and implement her business idea. Within the StartUp School she can discuss her ideas and get both motivation and evaluation. The StartUp School also organized a marketing group for Alîce by Alisa Timofeeva. The marketing group involves four students who are keen on fashion, marketing and PR.

Timofeevas advice to young entrepreneurs is to never give up.

– There are many organizations helping and supporting young entrepreneurs in Finland, she says.


Text and photo by Terhi Bäckman.