Academic advisor helps you to combine your Work & Studies!

Would you like to get credits while developing your own business? And find new ways to combine your entrepreneurship to your studies?

If yes, read this.

StartUp School offers an Academic Advisor for entrepreneurial students. Academic advisor helps you to find ways studificate your previous learning and the learning you are going to gain while developing your business.The idea is to help you to get both, a degree and a business.

On 26th of November at 16.00 we will have a meeting where study coach will tell you about the opportunities and give guidance on how to go forward with your own plan.
In the meeting you will also meet other students in the same situation and get to discuss with them about combining studies with entrepreneurship.

Sign in to the meeting by sending email to

More info about RPL and Work & Study on MyNet:
In finnish here and in english here.