Petteri Tiljander


Petteri started his serial entrepreneur path 2002 by taking a huge loan from the bank and buying a company. He quickly noticed he lacked some knowhow, and decided to continue his studies. Now he is finalizing his third master degree studies. Petteri is also a double alumnus of Haaga-Helia, both from Master School and School of Vocational Teacher Education. So, you could say that he has come a full circle.

As a Learning Designer at StartUp School Petteri wants to make sure that StartUp School is a forerunner of entrepreneurship education and no student is left alone with their ideas, dreams and entrepreneurial intentions. If you come to our lounge, you will always get guidance and help.

In his spare time, you can find Petteri from petanque competition, shooting range or under a palm tree with a good book. Petteri´s passions are problem solving and entrepreneurship.