Irma has 10 + years of experience working at Haaga-Helia and 15 + years of experience in a range of business roles.

Irma Mäkäräinen-Suni

Pasila Campus

Mika Mustikainen is a certified business coach with comprehensive experience in the finance and investment fields.

Mika Mustikainen

Pasila Campus

Maria Haukka is a StartUp School coach and a Senior Lecturer.

Maria Haukka

Pasila Campus

Timo Lampikoski is a career counselor, StartUp School coach, author and entrepreneur.

Timo Lampikoski

Pasila Campus

Anu Moisio is a pedagogical advisor and coach at StartUp School. Before Haaga-Helia she has worked in ICT industry, management consulting and as an entrepreneur.

Anu Moisio

Pasila Campus

Marika Alhonen is a certified business coach and an inspirational trainer.

Marika Alhonen

Porvoo Campus

Raimo is a teacher of entrepreneurship, marketing and business economy at Haaga-Helia's Haaga Campus.

Raimo Pollari

Haaga Campus

Outi is an experienced manager and director with extensive expertise in marketing, sales, development projects, product management and strategy work.

Outi Kangas-Korhonen

Vierumäki Campus

Juuso loves to help students start their own business.

Juuso Kokko

Haaga Campus
tiina laiho

Tiina works in Haaga-Helia research, development and innovation team as a project manager.

Tiina Laiho

Pasila Campus

Leena has 7+ years´ experience as aTeacher, Project Manager and Work Placement Coordinator and 20+ years´ experience in sales and marketing, organizing large events, as an entrepreneur and a coach.

Leena Aitto-oja

Porvoo Campus
Teemu Ruohonen

Teemu wants to help you to think bigger, do smaller and learn faster.

Teemu Ruohonen

Pasila Campus

Pirjo has a wide experience in selling, purchasing, brands and marketing with strong focus in customer insight. She is passionate about helping students to develop their business ideas and enhancing customer experience.

Pirjo Purovesi

Pasila Campus