Who We Are

The Haaga-Helia StartUp School supports students who are interested in entrepreneurship, as well as students with existing business.


We are a rapidly-growing community of students, teachers, alumni & partners. We are part of the UBI Global incubator network, and we are among the top 3 domestic players in Finland with 30 new companies founded by StartUp School students every year on average. 92 % of our students would recommend the StartUp School to their peers.


We use innovative teaching methods and actively test new pedagogy frameworks, from online international pitching events on Skype to mixing the students with the established entrepreneurs at our courses. The StartUp School is connected to a range of international partners, with which we are sharing expertise and co-create new business ideologies.



The StartUp School philosophy


StartUp School success comes down to personal motivation. Set goals and deadlines for yourself – and we’ll support you on your journey.


We believe in learning by doing. The StartUp School does not offer traditional lectures, instead we help you work on your business and put your knowledge into practice. If no action is taken, your business becomes dormant. Our study path is challenging, but also fun and rewarding – just like real entrepreneurship.


The right attitude and continuous action lead to success. Making mistakes, changing your business idea or deciding that entrepreneurship is not for you are all accepted parts of StartUp School life. Failure is an important step towards success.

We operate in a way that helps students increase self-understanding. We build mutual trust and work together to analyse business cases. Students will eventually create personal goals, understand what they know and what knowledge they are missing. We do not dictate courses of action to students – our main tool is supportive coaching.



Business cases may take from 6 months up to 24 months to fully mature. This is why we believe in total flexibility when it comes to study. Students can start at any time – there is no enrolment period. Students who do enrol get credits by building their business.



If you’re looking for a dynamic community that grows student businesses through unique teaching methodologies and access to high quality resources, look no further. The StartUp School – join us today.