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StartUp School offering is available for all Haaga-Helia students.
If you don’t know where to start join our Info Session.
In Info Session we will help you to find the best courses and possibilities for you.
The next info sessions you’ll find on events page.



WOR8HH032 Find your Strengths (5 cr)

During Find Your Strengths course you will get know to what you actually want to do in your life,
and what are things you should focus on.

Group 1 meetings (Pasila campus, 6201):
8.10. at 13.30-16
22.10. at 13.30-16
29.10. at 13.30-16
5.11. at 13.30-16
12.11. at 13.30-16

Group 2 meetings (Pasila campus, 6201):
5.10. at 9-11.30
15.11. at 9-11.30
16.11. at 9-11.30
29.11. at 9-11.30
13.12. at 9-11.30

Enrollment in two parts:
1) Sign up on MyNet (WOR8HH032-3001) and
2) inform us your preferred group by sending email to

Course description


WOR8HH035 Light Entrepreneurship (3 cr)

Implementation: Spring 2019
Online course

Course description


WOR8HH037 From Idea to Prototype (5 cr)

From idea to Prototype gives you practical tools on how to test and validate your business idea.

Spring intensive week (week 12), workshops at Pasila.
Enrollment: on MyNet WOR8HH037-3002

Course description



WOR8HH022 Developing Entrepreneurial Mindset (5 cr)

Developing Entrepreneurial Mindset is perfect when you have an idea,
and you would like to see if it’s worth advancing.
During the course you will also think about yourself as an entrepreneur.

This course is an online course with two meetings.


Implementation: Two implementations during fall 2018


1st period: WOR8HH022-3001
Meetings in Pasila, room 1206
on 6.9. at 17-19 and
24.10. at 17-19


2nd period: WOR8HH022-3002
Meetings in Pasila, room 1206
on 25.10. at 17-19 and
11.12. at 17-19 OR 13.12. at 9-11

Enrollment: on MyNet

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WOR8HH024 Coaching 1-3 (5 cr)

Coaching is personal support and guiding for the students who already are serious with their business ideas or already have an ongoing business.

Implementation: Start any time on any campus
Enrollment: email

Course descrpition



WOR8HH039 Workshops for Action (5cr)

Workshops for Action gives you practical skills to develop your business idea or ongoing business further.
In most of the workshops you should have at least some kind of a business idea to work with.


Implementation: Workshops you choose during the autumn 2018
Check the offering form our events page.
Notice that you can also include external workshops as a part of this course.
Enrollment: on MyNet WOR8HH039-3001

Course description



WOR8HH023 Pitching Camp (3 cr)

How to pitch better? Practice on Pitching Camp.
This is a skill you are definitely going to need in your life no matter what you are going to do.
Two implementations: Pitching Contest or Pitching Camp!


Pitching Contest – Tieto x 3UAS Pitching Evening:
Do you have a tech-driven startup idea and want to pitch it?
Spar with Tieto’s Incubator Lead and gain credits!
Coaching days:
20.9. at 13-16
11.10. at 13-16
Pitching Evening:
21.11. at 16-20
Get more details and apply!


Pitching Camp implementation:
Part 1: 31.10. at 12:15-16:00 (Pasila 3008)
Part 2: 7.11. at 12:15-16:00 (Pasila 3008)
You need to join both to complete Pitching Camp!
Enrollment: email

Course description
Read more here



WOR8HH021 Volunteer (3 cr)

If you are doing volunteer work, you can gain credits for it via this course.


Implementation: Start any time on any campus
Enrollment: email

Course description



WOR8HH018 Project 1-2 (3-5 cr)

If you are going to work with an entrepreneurial project, you can turn it into credits with this course.


Implementation: Start any time on any campus
Enrollment: email

Course description



WOR8HH030 Case Owner (2 cr)

Case Owner gives you the possibility to be the customer while other students help you to develop your business further.
More info on Case Owner in this article:  Win-win situation with Case Owner


Implementation: Start any time on any campus
Enrollment: email

Course description